Does the thought of getting your teeth cleaned send a shiver down your spine? Would you rather endure the pain of a toothache than go to the dentist? We want you to know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Sedation Dentistry:  More Comfort.  Fantastic Smiles.

For many, a trip to a dentist office can trigger stress, anxiety, and even fear. But it does not have to be that way. In fact, we have many patients who say their dental visits are relaxing and even therapeutic. So how do you become one of those patients who enjoys going to a dentist? Easy. Sedation can be the ticket to wonderful experience when you visit Advanced Smile Care.

“We use a variety of sedation methods at Advanced Smile Care, so your dental visit can be pleasant and stress free.” said Dr. Tony Thomas, head of San Antonio’s Advanced Smile Care.

Sedation dentistry has a long history

Sedation dentistry is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since the 1840’s. Some of the earliest breakthroughs in sedation came from Dr. Horace Wells, a prominent dentist in Connecticut. Since its earliest development, dentists worldwide have had an interest in trying to make the dental experience anxiety-free but also pain-free!

Sedation dentistry has been called “Sleep Dentistry,” but that’s not entirely accurate. There are a number of ways dentists use medication to relax you while they are treating the most painful of problems in your mouth. In fact, the American Dental Association has a set of criteria that your dentist should be adhering to in order to make sedation safe, and they are obligated to complete specialized, comprehensive training in order to administer sedation.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are 4 kinds of sedation methods your dentist might use to make your experience more relaxing and stress free.

Nitrous Oxide is a great option if you are slightly stressed about your procedure and having a short treatment. It is a way of simply “taking the edge off,” while you are in the dentist chair.

Conscious oral sedation The amount of sedation can be minimal to moderate and requires no needles. It is the most common technique used in the United States.  The medications can make you so comfortable that you may not even remember the visit.  Some people are groggy enough that they do fall asleep and can be awakened with a gentle shake.

Conscious IV sedation is the next level, if you need more intense sedation. If you are using this method, you may have a vague or no memory of your procedure at all.

Then there is General Anesthesia. This method is administered by a trained anesthesiologist, and you are essentially asleep for the entire procedure. We are also able to work with special needs patients who may require this level of sedation.

Is sedation for you?

If anxiety and the fear of going to a dentist actually prevents you from making that appointment, sedation might be a great option for you. Those of you with low thresholds of pain, sensitive teeth, or suffer from severe gag reflex tend to be better candidates for sedation.

“Don’t let stress get in the way of properly taking care of your teeth. Sedation can help address challenging dental problems and get you smiling again!” said Advanced Smile Care’s Dr. Laura Benjamin.

Sedation for Children

Children can suffer from dental anxiety just like their parents, but sedation can also be a treatment option for the youngest of mouths . We are here to answer your questions about the best sedation solutions for your children, so they are comfortable when they walk in the door.

“It should not hurt to smile, as we like to say at Advanced Smile Care.” said Dr. Thomas.

Advanced Smile care has decades of experience using sedation to ensure every patient visit is successful and stress free. From cleanings, to dentures and dental implants, Advanced Smile Care is always here to make sure your smile is bright and healthy for years to come.

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