The dentists at Advanced Smile Care made a commitment when their practice opened 35 years ago to transform smiles across San Antonio. In 2000,  we became one of the first dental practices in San Antonio to offer sedation dentistry to our patients.

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What types of services does Advanced Smile Care offer?

Whether it be a routine cleaning or an extensive smile makeover, we offer a full range of comprehensive dental services. We have performed sedation dentistry on thousands of patients over the years who are anxious about dental treatment.  Our staff is specially trained to make your sedation experience as comfortable and as safe as possible, and our dentists and hygienists have years of experience performing anxiety-free dentistry. If you are a patient who fears visiting a dentist, or you just can’t seem to find the time for multiple appointments, you may want to consider the comfort and ease of sedation dentistry.

Do you accept dental insurance?

We sure do! Dental care can be expensive, so we want to help you maximize your insurance benefits and obtain financing, if needed. We accept most dental insurance plans. We offer a free benefit check for all patients that schedule an appointment.

We can also process all insurance claims for you! Unlike other dental practices, we have staff fully dedicated to maximizing your insurance benefits and processing all of your claims. We deal with insurance companies so you don’t have to.

We believe:

1. You should decide the specific care provided during your dental treatment and that this decision should not be made by your insurance company.

2. You should determine the materials used by our dentists during your visit and this decision should not be made by your insurance company.

3. Our fees are the same for all patients, regardless of whether you have dental insurance. Your dental insurance policy may decide to reimburse you based on its  fee schedule, which may not coincide with our fees at Advanced Smile Care. You should be aware that insurance companies vary greatly in terms of the type of coverage available. Some companies reimburse claims promptly while others may delay payment for several months.

What are your payment policies?

Welcome to Advanced Smile Care! It is important to us that you are comfortable about our services, our fees, and the treatment you will receive.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Payment Policy

All payments are due no later than your date of service, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Patients with Dental Insurance

If we have received all of your insurance information on the day of your appointment, we will happily file your claim for you. Be sure you are familiar with your insurance benefits, because we will collect from you the estimated amount that your insurance is not expected to pay.  By law, your insurance company is required to pay each claim within 30 days of receipt. We file all insurance claims electronically, so your insurance company will receive each claim soon after your treatment. You are responsible for any balance on your account after 30 days, whether insurance has paid or not. If you have not paid your balance within 60 days, a re-billing fee of $1 will be added to your account each month until paid. We will be glad to send you a refund, if your insurance pays us for any outstanding balance.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we file dental insurance as a courtesy to our patients. We do not have a contract with your insurance company, only you do. We are not responsible for how your insurance company handles its claims or for the benefits they pay on a claim. But we can assist you in estimating your portion of the cost of treatment. At no time do we guarantee how your insurance will proceed with each claim. We claim no responsibility for any errors in filing your insurance. Once again, we file claims as a courtesy to you.

Financing Treatment

We offer a variety of third-party financing options to cover the cost of your treatment.  Our treatment coordinators will review these options with you at the time of your treatment consultation.

Delinquent Account Policy

Accounts with outstanding balances of more than 30 days from treatment date will be charged additional billing fees.  We reserve the right to submit your account to a collections agency if balances are not paid within 90 days.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to charge a $50.00 cancellation fee for not honoring your appointment. We request that you give us at least 48 hours advance notice if you are unable to keep your appointment time. There may also be a $400 cancellation fee charged for appointments not honored, if they were scheduled for two or more hours of treatment or more than $1,000 in dental treatment.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Reservation Cancellation Policy

Regular appointments(cleanings, exams and emergencies) cancelled within 48 hours of appointment time are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.  Appointments that are scheduled for two or more hours or $1000 or more in treatment costs are subject to a $400 cancellation fee for appointments not cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.  We do not accept texts, emails or voicemail messages for cancellations.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience including personal check, cash, and all major credit cards.

Does Advanced Smile Care offer financing?

As a courtesy to our South Texas area dental patients, we work with a number of different third party financing partners.  We have carefully selected these financing partners based on their ease of use and available plan options including “no interest options” . Our treatment coordinators are experts in working with you to afford the treatment you need or want.

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