The holidays are here, and that means the Christmas cards are showing up at your house. Over the next week or so, your mailbox may get flooded with cards from families featuring their perfect smiles. Some of these smiles are no doubt aided with the assistance of photo apps. But there are certainly plenty of people out there who can show off their pearly white smiles without any editing or digital assistance.

Do you want to make the most of your smile? Here are five gleaming tips from your friendly neighborhood dentist to help you make the most of your next holiday card or family photo.

Ho Ho Hold off on the Sugar

Even dentists understand how appealing a sweet treat can be, but excessive sugar consumption (especially without regular brushing) can result in cavities.  As tempting as holiday cookies, pies, cakes, and other sweet treats can be, try to limit yourself. Everything in moderation.

Have a Holly, Jolly Brush and Floss

Try to always maintain a regular brushing and flossing schedule Just as you take a shower regularly, your teeth and gums also appreciate regular rinsing. Getting into this habit helps to fend off plaque and prevent cavities. Simply brushing and flossing also keep your teeth white and your gums from becoming irritated or inflamed. Just don’t overbrush or brush with too much force as that can lead to gum erosion.

Don’t become Rudolph the red-toothed reindeer

Avoid biting down on extremely hard candies, foods or snacks. Candy canes, nuts, toffees, and other holiday treats can crack or chip a tooth if you bite down too hard. Chipping a tooth can be a painful and expensive experience!

Watch out for acidic people and acidic foods

Nobody likes a Grinch, but sour foods can be quite popular. Keep in mind that food and drinks with high acid content such as citrus, coffee, and sour candy can erode your teeth and eat their way through dental sealants. As an added measure, wait at least thirty minutes after consuming acidic food or drink to brush. Although it may seem best to brush straight away, brushing too soon after consumption can spread the acid around your teeth and do more harm than good.

Slow down on adult stocking stuffers

Alcohol and cigarettes are bad for your overall health and they are not good for your oral  health and hygiene. Alcohol and tobacco products contribute to gum disease. Better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks for taking the time to read our holiday tips this year! We hope to see you soon for your next cleaning! For expert dental care, Advanced Smile Care. We can’t wait to see your holiday card picture next year!

-Written by Dr. Tony Thomas

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