It has been roughly a year and a half since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. For months many Americas were afraid to leave their homes or go anywhere in public. Necessary medical appointments were skipped including that visit to the dentist.  “Putting off any visit to your dentist is never a good idea,” said Dr. Tony Thomas, lead dentist at Advanced Smile Care in North San Antonio. Just a few months into the pandemic, dental offices -which already adhered to a stringent set of safety procedures- roundly strengthen those measures to ensure patients and staff were as safe as possible. With coronavirus vaccinations now readily available, if you haven’t been back to the dentist, now is most certainly the time. Here are three reasons why.

#1 The pandemic created stress-damaged teeth

You may not even know that you do it when you are stressed, but many people grind their teeth when they become anxious. “The pandemic created a huge amount of stress for many people,” said Dr. Thomas. “And that all that stress often manifests in the form of grinding -also known as bruxism- which can create serious problems for your dental health.” The grinding can lead to worn down teeth and even fractured or broken teeth. If you notice you have frequent jaw pain, headaches, or even a pain in the tooth itself, that is a likely sign of bruxism. After seeing a dentist about your grinding, talk to your dentist about getting a night guard if your stress continues to put pressure on your teeth. 

#2 Skipping routine checkups can cause dental emergencies

“At Advanced Smile Care, we advise patients make an appointment for a checkup at least twice a year,” said Dr. Thomas. If you haven’t been to a dentist since the beginning of the pandemic, what started as a minor cavity that went unnoticed could soon beocome a dental emergency . Skipping your regular checkup can cause a cascading effect on overall physical health. Ignoring that cavity or tooth pain may eventually lead to gum disease, heart disease, arthritis, and a slew of additional health issues, not to mention infection at the site of the tooth or even the loss of the tooth.

#3 Dentists have had time to adapt

Just like the rest of the America, dental offices have had time to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. “Many offices closed for weeks if not months when the pandemic first appeared,” said Dr. Thomas. “But now that it has been well over a year since the pandemic, dental offices have strengthened their health and safety protocoals. Now that vaccines are readily available, the risk of transmission at a dentist office is extremely low.  Returning to a dentist may be a scary thought for many of you who haven’t visited your dentist since the start of the pandemic, however, the alternative may be a more serious health hazard.  Refraining from a regular dental check-ups, can lead to serious health complications throughout your mouth and your body.


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