“My teeth are sensitive and hurt every time I eat or drink anything hot or cold. What can I do about my sensitive teeth?” -Catherine K, Far Northwest Side.

Catherine K. from San Antonio reached out to us for dental help. She is experiencing something which is a common source of oral discomfort.


When the protective part of your teeth is lost, food or drinks can reach the nerves and cells inside your tooth. As a result: you get sensitive teeth. But there are ways to reduce the pain. First however, we recommend that you determine what’s causing the sensitivity.


There are many factors that cause sensitivity. Here are some of the common causes:

  1. Brushing: If you’re using a toothbrush with hard bristles or brushing aggressively, then the enamel on your teeth can get worn down. 
  2. Stomach acid: People who battle acid reflux are bringing up stomach acid into the mouth.  The acid will wear down the enamel. 
  3. Bleaching your teeth frequently: The goal to a whiter smile may be hurting your teeth. Fortunately, the sensitivity from this is usually only temporary. 
  4. Food or drinks: Think about what you’re eating and drinking every day. If you ingest acidic foods or beverages (coffee, energy drinks, wine), then your teeth are likely to become sensitive over time as your enamel wears down.
  5. Gums: If your gums are receding, then it means you are uncovering the roots of your teeth. When your roots are exposed, there is often heightened tooth sensitivity. Be sure to tell your dentist if it appears your gums are shrinking, because you may also be suffering from gum disease or grinding and clenching your teeth.


If you know what may be the cause of your tooth sensitivity, there are several ways to reduce the pain or even eliminate it. Start by purchasing toothpaste which is designed for sensitive teeth or buy fluoride gels that strengthen tooth enamel. Depending on your issue, the cause may be severe enough where a filling, crown, root canal or surgical gum graft is needed.  Our dentists at Advanced Smile Care can also provide treatments such as sealants to protect your teeth.

“Your tooth sensitivity may be a situation where there are multiple layers of treatment to get the pain to go away. At our practice, we can help direct you to different methods and products to treat you safely and effectively,” said Dr. Jason Kboudi who leads the practice at Advanced Smile Care.

If you have a dental question for our team at Advanced Smile Care, be sure to email us: AskTheDentist@AdvancedSmileCare.com 

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