We all want to put our best foot forward in life. What about your smile? If you haven’t thought about how the alignment of your teeth can help boost your confidence, think again. Invisalign is a great way to achieve your best smile, and you no longer need to see an orthodontist for treatment. The benefits of Invisalign are not only cosmetic, but they also help give people a healthier mouth. Our doctors at Advanced Smile Care are trained to provide  Invisalign to our patients.


You may have heard about this form of braces on television or in different advertisements. Invisalign is one of the most popular clear aligners on the market right now. The product is engineered with a special material to help it fit comfortably in your mouth. The aligners are customized to fit on your teeth perfectly.

Invisalign uses 3D imaging to get a correct snapshot of your teeth. The aligners are clear and easily removable. One study looked at the effectiveness of Invisalign versus traditional braces. Researchers found that both were effective. There were no significant differences in the outcome.


Invisalign can correct several, noteworthy problems with your smile and your bite:

  1. Crowded teeth:  This condition causes you to have difficulty flossing or even brushing. Food particles will get stuck and your mouth and can lead to tooth decay.
  2. Overbite: Your top teeth overlap with your lower teeth. Some people have extreme cases of overbite where the overbite is heavily pronounced, and it can result in constant jaw pain.
  3. Under bite: This condition is the opposite of overbite where the lower teeth protrude out from your top teeth. This condition can be painful and make it difficult to eat/talk.
  4. Cross bite: You have some of your teeth on the top sitting under your lower teeth.
  5. Open bite: Your closed mouth will have a small gap. This causes problem chewing or even biting down on food.
  6. Baby/Permanent teeth: Invisalign is an option for children. This will set the stage for new teeth and make room in the mouth.

“It’s important that you have teeth that fit well together. When your teeth are properly aligned, you’re going to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on you teeth as you get older. We are clinically trained to provide our patients with Invisalign at Advanced Smile Care,” said Dr. Laura Benjamin at Advanced Smile Care. “We give our patients the advantage of being a place where they can get nearly all of their oral hygiene treatment. Whether it’s providing root canals, administering sedation dentistry, or helping you with Invisalign, we offer a full range of treatment options at Advanced Smile Care.”

INVISALIGN DAY: October 15th

A beautiful smile is scientifically proven to improve your self-confidence as well as the way others perceive you personally and professionally. Also, did you know that teeth that fit together properly last longer and require less dentistry down the road? Because we know a great smile is invaluable, we have decided to offer a unique opportunity to you with tremendous value. We are extending a personal invitation to you, your family, and your friends to attend a customized appointment designed for people wanting or needing a beautiful smile- and it’s all COMPLIMENTARY.

Our dentist office is holding a special Invisalign Day on October 15th. We are offering complimentary exams, X-rays and a free treatment plan. There is up to $1000 off for treatment to anyone who comes to participate in the special event. Spots are limited. To make an appointment or to learn more, visit our special Invisalign web page or call the office at 210-366-3606.

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