You may have never heard of pericoronitis, but if you have this condition, you will definitely feel it! The painful condition is marked by the inflammation of the gum tissue around your tooth or around multiple teeth. This gum flap traps food particles and is the perfect setting for bacteria that causes infection. People who often get this condition are between 20 to 40 years old. One study found that roughly 81 percent of people affected by pericoronitis are between the ages of 20 and 29.

“This condition is likely aggravated by partially erupted wisdom teeth. If you have never had your third molars removed, there may not be room in your mouth for your teeth to find space and ultimately, can lead to pericoronitis,” said Dr. Alejandro Cavazos.


There are two types of this condition: acute and chronic pericoronitis. With the acute variety, you may experience pain for several days. It can result in a loss of sleep, swelling, oral discharge or your lymph nodes may even get swollen. The chronic condition is pain which recurs and is long-term. The symptoms are similar to acute pericoronitis.


There are different treatment options and it all depends on the severity of the condition.

If the pain is mild and the infection has not spread, you can rinse your with warm salt water. In some cases, a dentist may prescribe antibiotics or a medicated mouth rinse to help reduce inflammation and treat the infection. If the pain is severe, oral surgery to remove the gum tissue may be necessary.

“If you are experiencing any pain, visit us at Advanced Smile Care. We can take a look at your teeth to pinpoint exactly what type of treatment is best for you and address the symptoms immediately to prevent further problems,” said Dr. Cavazos.

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