Research has shown that gum disease is linked to a number of health problems including heart disease and diabetes. But a recent study concludes poor oral health makes it more difficult for you to manage your blood pressure.


Before we get to the new study, let’s talk about gum disease. It’s a condition also known as periodontal disease, which is an infection of the gums. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day helps to remove plaque in your mouth, which can build up and harden into tartar. People with gum disease will notice soreness, bleeding or even tooth loss.


The new study found that poor oral health interferes with blood pressure control. The study reviewed medical records of more than 3,600 people with high blood pressure. Researchers found that patients who had healthier gums had lower blood pressure and that their bodies reacted better to blood pressure medication. However, the patients who had gum disease, were 20 percent less likely to have good blood pressure. The lead researcher of the study said people with gum disease should monitor their blood pressure closely and would benefit from a visit to a dentist. The study didn’t specify how periodontal disease blocked blood pressure medication.

“Physicians should pay close attention to the oral health of their patients, particularly those receiving treatment for hypertension, and urge those with signs of periodontal disease to seek dental care,” said Davide Pietropaoli, D.D.S., Ph.D. “Likewise, dental health professionals should be aware that oral health is indispensable to overall physiological health, including cardiovascular status.”


It’s never too late to start taking care of your teeth. If your dentist confirms that you have gum disease, you’ll need either a professional cleaning or potentially gum treatment, or perhaps, even surgery. Your dentist and your dental hygienist can help you address the infection with a personalized treatment plan to get your gums healthy.

“Our team at Advanced Smile Care will help you manage your gum disease.  We urge you to do your part every day by brushing twice a day and flossing, we can be your second line of attack,” said Dr. Jason Kboudi, “Gum disease is serious stuff. In addition to high blood pressure, there are additional risks for your body because of poor oral health. Periodontal disease is linked to other health issues such as stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease and some cancers.”


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