The technology of artificial teeth has come a long way since the days of our forefathers. In the 18th century,  President George Washington rocked a grill comprised of  ivory, cow teeth and lead.  He used gold pivots to secure the teeth in his mouth. He only had one legitimate tooth.


Fast forward to the modern age and there is a variety of composites used to make dentures. Resin is strong and durable. Porcelain feels similar to natural teeth.

The most common material used for dentures is acrylic resin. It glues more securely to the denture and can be adjusted easily. Water helps dentures retain their shape. The moisture prevents the fake teeth from drying out. Never place your artificial teeth in hot water. The heat can change the shape.


Turns out fake teeth in the future could end up actually being grown in a laboratory.

Mary MacDougall, an associate dean of the dental school at the University of Texas Health Science Center from 1999-2005, grew parts of a tooth in a petri dish. explained how MacDougall and her students dissected tissues borrowed from an extracted wisdom tooth. The team added extra genes to the cells within the tooth. They focused on the exterior enamel and the dentin. The result: growth of part of a human tooth.

“Nature has developed over a long time certain tissues that have a particular function,” MacDougall told “So there’s nothing like being able to use the real thing.”

The article explained how MacDougall has created a crop of nearly 30 sets of mouse teeth in a lab. The entire tooth bud from mice can be extracted. Scientists predict genes will be a “major player” in the future. The hope is to create tooth bud-like tissues to insert in tooth sockets to grow new teeth in humans.

“These advancements are truly remarkable. We could be looking at major changes which help people who suffer from tooth loss. However, the use of artificial teeth grown in a lab appears to be a form of treatment that still needs years of development work. And so, for the time being, dentures or implants provide the best solutions to people needing to replace teeth in their mouth,” said Dr. Jason Kboudi, Advanced Smile Care.

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