Get ready to say goodbye to 2023. Same goes for your dental insurance benefits for the year. The new year is just around the corner, but before you cheer for the beginning of 2024, check in with your insurance company and with Advanced Smile Care. You may have remaining dental insurance benefits that could end up wasted.

Although your employer’s insurance policies traditionally impact what benefits are available to you every year, most dental benefits typically expire December 31st.


Most insurance companies offer free and significantly reduced pricing on preventative care visits as part of their dental coverage.

Most dental insurance companies provide for two, complimentary teeth cleanings per year as part of your dental insurance plan.

Studies show your personal oral hygiene is important, but so are regular visits to a dentist office. A dental hygienist or dentist will be able to identify problem spots or cavities that you have yet to detect. It’s recommended that you visit your dentist office at least once a year, but preferably at least twice in order to keep your teeth and gums in optimal health.


This is an account that is likely available through your employer. If you have an FSA, you are eligible to set aside money from your paycheck, tax-free, and put those funds into your FSA account. You can only use your FSA for health care costs. Unlike a health savings account (HSA), you must spend what’s in your FSA.


If there is any money that is left over in your FSA, it does not roll over into the next year. You can spend the money on any medical-related expenses such as medication, first aid, or certain travel items. Your FSA store should have a full list of FSA accepted items.

“There are a lot of patients who are booking their appointments in November, solely because they are aware that they must use their dental insurance benefits before the end of the year,” said Dr. Tony Thomas, lead dentist at Advanced Smile Care in North Central San Antonio. 

“We will do our best to get you an appointment before the end of 2022, but the earlier you call for an appointment, the better. Remember, students are out of school and home from college. People are on vacation and away from work. And so, people are taking the time to book end of year dental appointments,” said Dr. Thomas.

If for some reason, you are not able to get an appointment with us before January 1st, make an appointment right after the New Year. “Remember, 2023 starts a new year of dental benefits with your insurance provider. January is a great time of year to get a head start on your dental care,” Dr. Thomas stated.


Extraordinary care and top-tier comfort for our patients represent foundational principles at Advanced Smile Care. For 40 years, our team led by Dr. Tony Thomas, has been San Antonio’s premier dental practice for creating transformational smiles.

Many dentists are limited by the services they provide. They don’t have the expertise to offer specialized services. But at Advanced Smile Care, we do it all, whether it be a full-smile makeoverdental implantsdentures or sedation to get you through your treatment. Whether you need a cavity filled or a full set of dental implants, cosmetic treatment or require sedation dentistry, our team promises to provide you with the care you deserve. As we like to say, “It shouldn’t hurt to smile.”

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