Perhaps you are feeling self-conscious when you look in the mirror or go out in public because you are missing teeth. Or maybe you know you have teeth that need to be extracted and you don’t want to replace those teeth with a set of dentures. Dental technology has experienced stratospheric advancements over the years since the days when President George Washington wore the most famous set of wooden teeth in history.

Dental implants have revolutionized the smile for people with tooth loss who want an authentic look and a sturdy foundation for chewing. If you are considering implants as an option for your mouth, here are a few things we want you to know.


Dentists have utilized implants for decades as an effective way to replace missing teeth. This procedure isn’t just for older people. Anyone who has missing teeth from an injury or periodontal disease may be a good candidate.

The procedure is a long-term and natural looking option. Dental implants are comprised of titanium and other materials which are usually well accepted by the body. The implants are essentially rods that are surgically screwed past the gum tissue and into the jaw-bone. The implants create a stable, sturdy foundation for your artificial teeth.


There are several steps you need to take in order to get implants. This process may take several months to complete. A dentist will surgically place the implants in your jaw. The bone of your jaw then grows around the implant and anchors the implant in place through a process called osseointegration. The last step, is the installation of the artificial teeth. Your dentist will customize the artificial teeth to match the size and the color of your natural teeth.

If you’re a smoker, you run a higher risk of  implant failure. A study conducted by the University of Murcia in Spain found that smokers are at a higher risk of infection after a dental implant procedure. Smoking affects the blood flow of the body including the tissue around the gums. Researchers reviewed 66 patients who had multiple implants. Over the course of five years, researchers discovered that 15.8% of all implants failed among smokers compared to 1.4% of implants among non-smokers.

“Dental implants are wonderful options for anyone at any age who has experienced tooth loss. A good candidate is someone who has healthy gums,” said Dr. Jason Kboudi, Advanced Smile Care.


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“Our doctors can explain the entire process to see if implants are the right fit for you,” said Dr. Kboudi.


For nearly 40-years, our team led by Dr. Jason Kboudi, DDS, has been San Antonio’s premier dental practice for creating transformational smiles. At Advanced Smile Care, we do it all. Whether it be a full-smile makeover, dental implants, dentures or sedation to get you through your treatment, as we like to say, “It shouldn’t hurt to smile.”

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