Perhaps as part of your morning routine, you brush your teeth before you eat your breakfast. Or maybe you brush after your eggs or cereal. But which way is the best practice for the health of your teeth?

The answer: it depends.

When Not to Brush

If you know you’re going to have a breakfast that is filled with acids such as juice or fruit, Advanced Smile Care dentists advise you to brush your teeth before you eat. If you don’t brush beforehand, wait 30 minutes after you eat a breakfast with acids to clean your teeth. There are certain acidic foods that weaken your tooth enamel and you may cause damage to your teeth if you brush too soon.

Generally, if your preferred method is to brush after breakfast, we say that’s A-okay. If you’re brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, you’re doing it right.

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Floss Like A Boss

If you have time, get that floss out! Flossing removes plaque, prevents cavities and reduces your odds of getting gum disease. If flossing hurts your teeth, Dr. Lauren Benjamin says don’t give up.

“For a lot of people who haven’t flossed for a long time, their gums will be uncomfortable when they first floss and that’s normal because they’re not used to it. But if you floss for about 2 weeks straight then that will completely go away,” said Benjamin.

Also, do your mouth a favor by limiting sugary food items and see your dentist regularly for prevention. As the weather gets nice and you do some spring cleaning, Dr. Alejandro Cavazos says do some cleaning for your teeth.

“Now is a good time to come in and have your teeth checked. Get your bi-annual cleanings. Take some time to take care of your smile, take care of your health,” said Dr. Cavazos.

Why We Are Different

Extraordinary care and top-tier comfort for our patients represent foundational principles at Advanced Smile Care. For nearly 40-years, our team led by Dr. Jason Kboudi, DDS, has been San Antonio’s premier dental practice for creating transformational smiles. Many dentists are limited by the services they provide. They don’t have the expertise to offer specialized services. But at Advanced Smile Care, we do it all, whether it be a full-smile makeoverdental implants, denturesor sedation to get you through your treatment. Whether you need a cavity filled or a full set of dental implants, cosmetic treatment or require sedation dentistry, our team promises to provide you with the care you deserve. As we like to say, “It shouldn’t hurt to smile.”

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